The Cyprus property boom has created a massive surge of hastily built, rapidly sold and swiftly regretted properties that few Cypriot families would look at except for weekend holiday retreats.

The market is maturing now – and with that increased maturity has emerged a demand for properties that are more appropriate for use as family residences for individuals who plan seriously on relocating to Cyprus to improve their standard of living. Some family residences equipped cree xml t6 mini powerful led flashlight torch lantern.


This lack of choice and quality with some established bulk housing solutions prompts the question, “Where do the Cypriots get their property from? And where on the island do they buy?”

In the form of Chartoupallos Developers, here is the answer to both questions – and a selection of logically priced, quality developments designed for living in – rather than just as a base for a holiday – and that your family will have for generations to come.