Reinforced concrete based on the latest seismic regulations. Foundations designed according to ground conditions. High yield steel reinforcement as per European standards.
The external walls will be of hollow clay bricks 200mm thick, external walls will be of hollow bricks 100mm thick,
Three (3) coats of rendering will be applied on internal surfaces and three (3) coats on externals (ready to receive special external finishes).
a. Internal wall surfaces will receive three coats of emulsion paint.
b. External wall surfaces: All external surfaces will receive two coats of external paint or special finish
according to Architect’s instructions,
c. Ceiling finishes: All ceilings will receive two coats of spatula and three coats of paint.
d. Bathrooms and Toilets: All walls will receive glazed ceramic tiles purchase price of € 15.00/M2.
e. Kitchen: Wall surfaces between kitchen work benches and wall cupboards will receive glazed ceramic tiles
to a purchase price of € 20.00/M2.
a. Bathroom and toilets:      ceramic tiles €15.00/M2
b. Bedrooms:    ceramic tiles € 13.00/M2
c. All other internal areas:     ceramic tiles €15.00/M2
d. Veranda’s:    ceramic tiles € 13.00/M2
f. Staircase steps will be gladded with Italian marble
Sanitary units and fittings will be in accordance with the drawings. All sanitary units will be of white colour and high quality. All fittings and parts will comply with European standards,
a. Door & Windows: The external doors and windows will be white aluminium sliding or opening as per
drawings. Internal door frames and doors will be finished in laminated cherry. Entrance door will be white
b. Bedroom cupboards: All bedroom cupboards will be built – in and finished in cherry laminated.
c. Kitchen: All Kitchen cupboards will be made of laminated cherry finishes. Workbenches will be finished in
laminated Kashmir cream.

Electrical installation will be done in accordance with the drawings and approved by E.A.C. The following are included:
a. Electric bell at the entrance.
b. Provision for telephone installation at ground floor and telephone extensions in all bedrooms.
c. Provision for the installation or T.V. at ground floor and extension in all bedrooms.
d. Provision for kitchen hood extractor.
e. Provision for washing machine and dishwasher.
Plumbing and drainage installation will be done in accordance with the drawings   including solar energy panel’s, and pipe -in-piping. UPVC pipes will be used for the drainage system.
Provision will be made with all necessary electrical and mechanical piping and wiring ready to receive “split unit” air conditioners in all bedrooms and living room area.
The construction of swimming pool and paving around, as indicated on the drawings, are NOT included in the price. The specifications of the pool are as follows:
• 1 metre stamped concrete around pool
•    With Liner
• Jacuzzi machinery/pump
(a) All above the Specifications and the materials / prices per unit included in the price list and selling value of each Villa. Should however the Clients require any kind of change or upgrading of the standard materials used, as above, the same could be performed upon prior written acceptance by themselves of any extra or additional costs of new works and possible demolitions cost due to the at the time completed construction works.
(b) The clients are entitled to any alterations to the external elevations, aesthetics or materials of the complex. Also any additions / omissions to the structures are not permitted without the in prior consent of the relevant Public Authorities,

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